ready to go beyond the impossible?!

May I ask?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Where do I come from? Am I a Starseed, a Light Child, a Celestial Being?

Have you ever wondered:

What is my true purpose in life? Am I on a mission on Earth as a channel (intuitive), activator (catalyst), harmonizer (healer)? 

Have you ever felt like a Black Sheep seeking the truth:

Am I also a part of the Creator?

I am sure that you’ve thought about all these things. You might or might not have received some answers. But isn’t the moment ...?

Let me introduce you to 12+1(13) Travel Guides to the Future, a.k.a the aKhu•na Collection. This compilation has all the answers you’re looking for, even those you were not expecting.

The first Travel Guide will be published soon. This guidebook number ONE is meant to help you see beyond what you already know and expand your consciousness horizons. So if you’re looking to explore the depths of your Cosmic Soul — imbibing wisdom about the “past, present, and future” in the Now — this is the guide you need.

Are you excited? My team and I

know we sure are! 

Take a deeper dive into your cosmic Self.

You are the Omniverse  12+1 (13)

Remember the Birth of your Cosmic Soul. Are you ready?

The aKhu•na Collection | Travel Guide into the Future  | Volume ONE 
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Hi! I’m Lilly Wong, the aKhu•na Collection author, writing with my cosmic team Ela Ane Amanea

I am a cosmic messenger and visionary of the 

New Human. As a secret “Black Sheep,” I spent 

my whole life knowing  “there's got to be more…”

Finally, at 32, something inside told me it was 

time to unravel this new ethereal data.

Leaving everything behind, I moved on to 

discover my Cosmic Self, the iSelf, and 

began my journey as a Cosmic Doula — 

birthing this new information on Earth.

What does Lilly have to say?

 “Suddenly, the middle of the System 

becomes the starting point of a whole system. 

The more I reach out to the center of a 

newly created system, the more systems I 

can reach out to further. So I keep going to the 

next center and from there to the next one…


What do others have to say?

“Lilly, the Holder of the Whole. You are an expression of the Whole and 
also an amplifier of the Whole in almost any number of centers within the one center.” 
Barbara Marx Hubbard
American futurist, author, and public speaker.

“Thanks to the encounter with the aKhu•na Language, through Lilly Wong, 

I understood the truth of my inner voice and guidance, which has accompanied me since I arrived in Gaia (Planet Earth)." 

Jovisa Sandoval 
Cosmic Messenger & [i]Mentor at the Timalu Academy.


"Lilly is a constant inspiration. The different experiences lived –  both in programs and with the akhu•na cosmic tools –  
have created infinite opportunities for my inner refinement. This has allowed the manifestation of my 
Cosmic Soul (iSelf) in integrity and authenticity.”
Pablo Galetto, Argentina
“With Lilly it’s a continuous Journey, experimenting, evolving, flowing and experimenting again… over and over. 
She creates expansion, a trip through infinite possibilities, discovering increasingly deeper aspects about oneself. 
She makes you feel part of something very big.“
Antonella Caltarrosa, Italy
“All the experiences shared by Lilly have helped me delve into aspects of my Self that were awakening in me. 
The connection with Lemuria and Dragons, the activation and integration of the Cosmic Suit T.t.A., 
and all the multidimensional wisdom have immensely supported me reunite essential parts of my iSelf (cosmic soul).”
Margo Chao, Spain
“Lilly Wong is one of those rare individuals connected to source as a pure channel, 
bringing forth information vital to our evolution as a human race. 
She has developed the perfect tools for personal transformation, where all relevant change begins.“
Robert Haig Coxon, Cosmic musician and composer, Canada
“The akhu•na Language has allowed me to re-member, re-connect, re-live, and experience the integrity of my conscious 3D-Self, 
with my Cosmic Self from 5D forward - my iSelf - in its different fractals: quantum, cosmic, and multidimensional. 
These experiences allow me to expand and continue with my evolution to infinity and beyond.”
Moni Ninel, México
“Thank you, dear Lilly, for helping me remember the reason and purpose of my arrival to Planet Earth – Ana'a Anamaká.”
Valentina Tognetti, Switzerland
“The gentleness and practicality of the tools - which Lilly shares with us - invite us to play with them, evolving in an easy, quick and fun way. 
They allowed me to open myself to feel my physical body more, recognize it, and broaden the connection with my being. 
The aKhu•na language opened and boosted the joy and re encounter with myself.``
Laura Lino, Argentina
“I met Lilly Wong at La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico, and she took me to the place where the unknown acquires meaning 
for the birth of a new version of myself through her programs.” 
Amada Reyes, Mexico
“No doubt Lilly is a very special being, with her joy and availability to guide us to discover the mysteries and beauties of our soul. 
She supports the harmonization of our dualities and conflicts, through light codes and 
many cosmic tools channeled by the council of cosmic consciousnesses that guide her - Ela Ane Amanea.”
Ramayash Katia, Brazil
“My heart is filled with appreciation for Lilly Wong’s presence on the planet at this so intense and important time of the human journey. 
Her vibration and precious sharings are an immense support for all those who wish to  cross the bridge into the vibrational field of the new Earth” 
Marco Missinato, Advancing Consciousness Artist, Italy
“Meeting Lilly, and the cosmic tools she shares, has unleashed a deep reunion with myself, through this wonderful journey of cosmic evolution.”
Patty Proal, Spiritual Guide, Mexico
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